Ouftimeet #2 Program

Updates (04/22/16):

  • The restaurant changed.
  • You can ask :linkgabrielTach: his phone number if you worry you will get lost in Liège or are too late.

Hoy! Hoy!

Liège, the fervent city is proud to welcome the furries for the second Ouftimeet that will happen on April the 30th.

If you want to stay for a drink and/or a for the Diner at the restaurant Vaudrée #2, please let it know before April the 23rd.


(In case of bad weather or if the Bourgmester doesn’t allow to fursuit in the public space, the program will change so check regularly).

  • 15:00 meeting at the MAD Museum (parc d’Avroy).
  • 15:15-18:00 fursuiting, snack and parlour games (Loup Garou de Thiercelieu) in the parc d’Avroy
  • 18:30 Restaurant changed: we will go to the Vaudrée #2 and enjoy the large choice of beers and the delicious Boulets Liégeois!

The furmeet officially ends at 21:00.


  • Your snack.
  • A burger with a beer costs around 15-17€

Various informations

  • If you’re a fursuiter please send a note to Gabriel Tach or Lainn to signal your presence at the meet, and to discuss of the best itinary possible. You will be able to put on your fursuit in a calm place and store them in a secure place.
  • Water bottles are freely offered to the fursuiters.
  • The parc d’Avroy is relatively well shaded.
  • Helpers, let also know who you are! We at least need one helper per Fursuiter.
  • Bringing a digital camera is highly recommanded!
  • If you have any question or any problem send us a note, an email (bark -aaaat- tachfur -doooot- fr), or contact Gabriel Tach via Telegram (@AchillobatorRex).
  • Most parking spots are metered and private parking facilities. If you don’t mind to walk a bit, you can park your car at the Palais des Congrès and then walk for 15 minutes.
  • A free Ouftimeet #2 flag is offered!

How to come by train

If you come by train, stop at Liège-Guillemins train-station. From there take the bus line 1, 4, 25 or 48 in direction of Opéra/Saint-Lambert. Step out at the bus halt Charlemagne.

Furmeet rules

  • This furmeet is organised in a good spirit and we hope that everyone will have fun. So any negative behaviour can be sanctioned by a ban from the next Ouftimeets.
  • MINORS ARE ONLY ALLOWED only if they are accompanied by an adult and under their responsability. They are not allowed to drink spirits and liquor if they are less than 18 years old, and beers and vines if they are less than 16 years old.


  • Vaudrée #2, 149 rue Saint Gilles / 4000, Liège
  • MAD museum: Parc d’avroy, Boulevard d’Avroy/ 4000 Liège
  • Parc d’Avroy: Boulevard d’avroy, 4000 Liège.