Ouftimeet #9 Program

Hoy! Hoy!

Liège, the fervent city is scared to welcome the furries for the Ouftimeet #999 that will happen on October 29, 2017.

Registration is mandatory, even if you don’t come for the full day. Registrations are closed on October 26. The registration form can be found here.

The Smoking Room will be reserved for the fursuiters. Beware, there is a stair to get to the Smoking Room.


  • 15:00 : Board and parlour games at the Vaudrée 2.
  • 17:00 : Spooky Ouftifamilly Group Picture.
  • 19:00 : Diner.
  • 24:00 : End of the meet.


  • Around 3€ per drink.
  • Diner price will be avaible when the form is online.

Various informations

  • We’ve got a Telegram Channel: telegram.me/Ouftimeet .
  • Water will be freely offered to the fursuiters.
  • Helpers, let also know who you are! We at least need one helper per Fursuiter.
  • Bringing a digital camera is highly recommanded!
  • If you have any question or any problem send us a note, an email (bark-aaaat-tachfur-doooot-fr), or contact Gabriel Tach via Telegram (@AchillobatorRex).
  • Most parking spots are metered and private parking facilities. If you don’t mind to walk a bit, you can park your car at the Palais des Congrès and then walk for 15 minutes.

How to come by train

  • Nearest train station is Liège-Jonfosse.

Furmeet rules

  • This furmeet is organised in a good spirit and we hope that everyone will have fun. So any negative behaviour can be sanctioned by a ban from the next Ouftimeets.
  • MINORS ARE ONLY ALLOWED only if they are accompanied by an adult and under their responsability. They are not allowed to drink spirits and liquor if they are less than 18 years old, and beers and vines if they are less than 16 years old.
  • You allow us to take pictures during the event and share them on the internet (we won’t tag them with your name).
  • Garlic, crucifix or silver objects are not allowed.


Vaudrée 2 / Rue Saint-Gilles, 149; 4000 Liège.