Ouftimeet #10: photos, donations/ Ouftidance/ Non Profit

Ouftimeet 10 Pictures

You can already look at some of the pictures taken at the last Ouftimeet on DropBox.
Should there be any picture you want to see removed, contact us.


Donations to pay for the access to the the Greenhouses are a bit under the goal of 135€ (which allows us to pay all the entries without any lost, if the goal reached the exceeding money will go as donation to the non profit that takes care of the Greenhouses), there is lacking around 20€. If you want to donate by bank transfer, contact us.

A Non Profit soon?

As you’ve seen, Ouftimeet is becoming bigger and bigger. We’ve gathered the organisers and some of the most involved attendees and we are going to start the Ouftimeet ASBL/vzw/non profit!

Coming Ouftidance

Good news everyone! Ouftidance is coming back, it is planned for April 28th, more details are coming and registration will open in the month.
By the way, we are looking for DJs! Beginner or confirmed DJ, if you’re interested, contact us.

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