Ouftimeet #17 Registration

You can find the program here.

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Please take note that we can only have 15 seats at the Huggy's Bar. We are still looking for another restaurant nearby.


Pixels Café


Furmeet Rules

  • This furmeet is organised in a good spirit and we hope that everyone will have fun. So any negative behaviour can be sanctioned by a ban from the next Ouftimeets.
  • MINORS ARE ONLY ALLOWED only if they are accompanied by an adult and under their responsability. They are not allowed to drink spirits and liquor if they are less than 18 years old, and beers and wines if they are less than 16 years old.
  • You allow us to take pictures during the event and share them on the internet (we won't tag them with your name).

Privacy Policies

All the datas I provide will only be used for the purpose of the organisation of the furmeet and won't be sold or transfered to any third parties.

Is considered as personnal data: your name and your email. Your name is necessary so we can now if you can be accepted (for checking you haven't been banned, you didn't paid on time...) for this and the next furmeets we organise and are kept for that purpose. Any correction/deletion of the data can be done by contacting us via the contact form on this website. The email will be used to contact you on any matter about the furmeet you registered to.
Your Fursona name will be displayed on our website and social networks so that the attendees can have an idea of who is joining the event. You can leave it blank if you don't want it to be displayed.

All the data is hosted in France, by OVH. Only the Ouftimeet ASBL has access to this data.


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