The furmeet in Liège! Oufti!

Our mascot the robin – by Lainn.

The Ouftimeet is a meet between fans of anthropomorphic creatures. It takes place in Liege every two months, the last Saturday of the second month. The program consists of a lunch at a restaurant, a walk with and without fursuits, the visit of a place in Liege, and it ends with some drinks! The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly.

It attracts furries from allover Belgium, and from time to time people from neighbouring countries.

The Ouftimeet is open to everyone, no need to be a furry. You must, however, be over 18 years of age, or if you are beween 16 and 18 years old you must be accompanied by an adult. The meet is also multilingual, and it is a good oportunity for improving your Dutch or French!


International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia - 17/5/20

You have our full support, you should all be proud of who you are!

We asked the Maison Arc-en-ciel non profit to provide us plenty of May 17 support badges, even if May 17 will be over before the next meet they will be given-away at the next meet.

Ouftimeet #18 postponed - 13/3/20

Dear Ouftimeeters, Dear Furries, Dear friends,

We have to postpone the coming Ouftimeet because of the measures taken against the coronavirus. As usual we will announce the date on our website, Telegram channel, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Follow the latest news and recommandations provided by the federal ( and and your local authorities to limit the spreading of the virus.

Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly with soap during 20 seconds, avoid visiting elder people if you have flu like symptoms or you have been at a place where cases of coronavirus where announced or suspected.

See you later,
The Ouftimeet team.

Previous furmeets

You can find the programs, the pictures and the guest books of the previous furmeets here:


Riche de notre expérience des précédentes meet, nous comptons organiser un évènement un peu plus particulier au moins une fois dans l’année: une soirée dançante pour les furries. Le projet est en train de se construire, vous pouvez déjà vous proposer comme volontaire via ce formulaire.

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We are going to start collecting monetary donations to help us in funding the Ouftimeets and organise special events.

Press Pack

Are you a journalist or do you want to find published information about the Ouftimeet? You will soon find documents related to the furmeet here.

Journalists or documentarists, you can contact the public relation chairperson by mail: presse RRRRAAAAWRT Ouftimeet DOOoOOT be.


The Ouftimeet was born with the idea to fill the void in Liege by gathering the Belgian furries. It was created under the initiative of Tach (Gabriel Tach then) and Lainn. Since the beginning it was planned that there would be a furmeet each two months. This frequency was inspired from the French furmeets, the Nanthros.

The first official Ouftimeet took place on February 27th 2016.


Organiser and founder.
Organiser and founder.

You can contact the organisers by mail: organisateurs AAAaaaTTTee Ouftimeet DODOT be.